BASF’s Sharpen Herbicide Receives Registration In Rice

BASF’s Sharpen Herbicide Receives Registration In Rice

BASF announced EPA federal registration of Sharpen herbicide for pre and post-emergence applications on rice. Sharpen herbicide offers rice growers flexible control of broadleaf weeds.


Previously available to rice growers as a preplant herbicide, Sharpen herbicide can now also be added to current preemergence and post-emergence herbicide programs. Sharpen herbicide targets tough-to-control weeds such as Palmer amaranth, morningglory, Texasweed and hemp sesbania with an additional site of action.

Eric Webster, Ph.D., of Louisiana State University has studied Sharpen herbicide for several years, testing application rates and timing of this unique herbicide.

“This is a herbicide that offers growers broad-spectrum control on broadleaf weeds,” said Webster. “Mainly, we have seen Sharpen herbicide control hemp sesbania, Texasweed and jointvetch very well.”

Sharpen herbicide provides growers with early residual control of broadleaf weeds in preemergence applications, and broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds in early post-emergence applications. Sharpen herbicide is also easily incorporated into the Clearfield Production System for rice from BASF.

“The Clearfield Production System is where Sharpen herbicide has a good fit,” explained Webster. “It is an additional chemistry that can be incorporated into that system.”

Sharpen herbicide is powered by Kixor herbicide technology, a unique chemistry that triggers fast action against tough broadleaf weeds.