BASF Lauds Aerial Applicators

BASF Lauds Aerial Applicators

Aerial applicators got nothing but praise from BASF as the The National Agricultural Aviation Association’s (NAAA) annual conference began this week.


NAAA’s annual conference kicked off in Las Vegas, NV, on Dec. 8. Dr. Gary Fellows, BASF technical marketing manager, led the conference kick-off breakfast by welcoming attendees and calling attention to the vital role the agricultural aviation industry plays in helping growers succeed.

“The aerial application business contributes significantly to growers’ ability to enhance Plant Health for their crops and maximize yield,” Fellows said. “The critical role it plays in the growing process impacts us all, not simply as business partners, but as people. They help growers produce the food and fibers we all need.”

In addition to sponsoring the NAAA conference for the last decade, BASF supports the association’s National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF), which promotes research, technology transfer and advanced education among aerial applicators, supporting industries, government agencies and academic institutions. BASF is the leading sponsor of the NAAREF among all agricultural chemical companies and Dr. Fellows is an active committee member.

“BASF is committed to keeping aerial applicators in the air through in-depth research and information, and the development of the industry’s leading portfolio of products,” Fellows said.