AMVAC Hosts Yield Contest

AMVAC Hosts Yield Contest

Corn growers across the Midwest may compete to win a total of $100,000 in prize money by entering the 2008 Best of Both Worlds Yield Bonus Contest sponsored by AMVAC Chemical Corp.


The contest is designed to encourage growers to document and achieve a positive yield differential when a qualifying granular insecticide from AMVAC is applied in combination with a corn rootworm trait hybrid as compared to the corn rootworm trait alone. University field trials in several Midwestern states in 2007 showed an average yield increase of 12 bushels per acre from the practice.

Contest participants will be asked to compare yields from corn rootworm hybrids planted with and without an AMVAC brand of soil insecticide. The eligible participant documenting the largest yield increase in bushels per acre of the corn rootworm trait plus insecticide treatment vs. the corn rootworm trait corn alone will win $50,000. Second and third place winners will receive $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Paul Vaculin, marketing manager for granular insecticides and closed delivery systems for AMVAC Chemical Corp., says the company hopes the contest will encourage growers to use granular soil insecticides and corn rootworm hybrids together. “This practice can be especially beneficial at current high corn prices,” he says.

Granular soil insecticide treatments qualifying for the contest include insecticides applied with the SmartBox closed delivery and application system, including Counter 15G, Fortress 5G, Aztec 4.67G, and Force 3G SmartBox. Counter 15G Lock ‘n Load and Fortress 2.5G insecticides also qualify.

The contest begins today (April 15) and is open to qualified growers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Full contest details, including yield documentation requirements, are available at