AgriCoat Introduces NATURAL III Seed Treatment

AgriCoat Introduces NATURAL III Seed Treatment

AgriCoat, specialist in innovative products and technologies for the seed industry, has recently introduced an effective new organic seed treatment which can provide improved protection against fungal root decay compared to other organic seed treatments. AgriCoat’s NATURAL III is a registered organic seed treatment specifically designed to meet market demands for a solution to soil disease pressure in spinach, tomato, pepper, cucumber and other important vegetable crops. Natural III is available for the North America market.


There is a significant need for an effective organic vegetable seed treatment which can provide more consistent control of damping-off and other root decay fungi. The active ingredient in Natural III, registered as a biological fungicide, colonizes the root system and protects against harmful fungi. This new seed treatment provides improvement in fungicidal activity which may result in better stands and increased yields. Natural III is suitable for organic and conventional vegetable production.

Mac Keely, General Manager of AgriCoat states: “The lack of an effective treatment for these problems in spinach and other crops has resulted in a large percentage of seeds being planted with inferior protection. NATURAL III can provide improved protection. We are excited to be able to offer this important market solution.”

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