Lisa Heacox

Rate Controllers: Little Boxes, Big Impacts

One precision ag manufacturer shared a key goal for rate control design: “As spraying continues to become more […]

Midwest Seed Genetics: Countering Big Seed

Veteran seedsman Don Funk has started a new company called Midwest Seed Genetics, based in Kentland, IN. Why? […]

Seed Firms’ Changes Bring Uncertainty, Promises

With the purchase of Syngenta by ChemChina, the creation of DowDuPont, and the soon-to-be completed merger of Bayer […]

The Future Direction for Ag Retail

Given the state of today’s retail distribution marketplace, what challenges and opportunities do the upcoming years provide? Here […]

Fertilizer Storage: An Inside Look at the Tank and Containment Systems Market

For some in the tank and containment market, the past six months have been a rebound time. Among […]

Adjuvants in the Drift Mix

Adjuvants are designed to provide big benefits to applicators by improving pesticide spreading, wetting, canopy and leaf penetration, […]

Retailers Weigh in on Mammoth Fertilizer Merger

The landmark merger of Agrium and PotashCorp was announced last November, and speculation about its impact on agriculture […]

Nutrient Companies Comment on Planting Shifts

Cropping shifts always play a role in fertilizer projections, and two nutrient companies weighed in on the topic. […]

Fertilizer Topics to Watch

The mood at this past summer’s South­western Fertilizer Conference was “a little more upbeat” than last year, reports […]

Precision Agriculture: Making Cab Displays Do the Jobs at Hand

A display can never do too much. That’s the opinion of Jeff Dickens, Product Sales Specialist with Ag […]

Broadcast Spray Hoods Stop Wind Factor

Nozzles get a lot of attention for their drift reduction contributions, but other technologies are developing that offer […]

Spray Application: A Nozzle Renaissance

If you had asked four-decade ag veteran Mark Bartel, President of Wilger Inc., just a few years ago […]

Serious Soil Sampling Rigs

The industry has seen an increase in automation in sampling equipment, and consultants now often pull cores with […]

Soil, Scouting Programs Continue To Gain Value

How much growers and their retailers utilize soil testing and scouting varies greatly. But they should step up […]

Bring More Nutrient Boosters On Board

Growers are always on the look-out for that silver bullet that boosts yields and offers bang-up return-on-investment. While such […]

Technology Vital In California Water Management

In this arid state, producers are exploring new ways to use water more efficiently. Drip irrigation, in particular, […]

California Water Saga Takes A Turn

Stunning rain and snowfall in California have been making national headlines over the last few months. Initial reaction […]

Ag Retail Plants Adapt Designs, Software

A host of factors could be cited for “the rise of the machines” in ag retail plants — […]

List Of Demands On Fertilizer Blenders Grows

Many current customers have plans in place and projects in their queue — that’s the good news for […]

Competition Spurs Innovation For Fertilizer And Seed Tenders

As one manufacturer graciously put it, tenders are a “mature market” now. That is to say, there are […]