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About Dr. Harold Reetz

Reetz is president of Reetz Agronomics, and in 2010 retired as president of the Foundation for Agronomic Research (FAR). He is also a member of the PrecisionAg Advisory Council.

Inside Drainage Water Management

Managing water resources is demanding more attention from farmers. The most commonly publicized concerns are related to supply and demand for irrigation water. But drainage water probably impacts even more farmers and acreage. Drainage of excess water has been a key factor in U.S. crop production for over 100 years. Much of the tall-grass prairie of the

Harold Reetz: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Having just retired from 28 years with the Potash & Phosphate Institute (PPI) and the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), preceded by 12 years at Purdue University, I have been reflecting on what we have accomplished in the past 40 years. We have made progress yet have been disappointed by unmet goals. As I completed