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About Bill Keogh

Keogh is president of AgKnowlogy. AgKnowlogy is a group of agribusiness professionals, Certified Crop Advisors, software developers and analysts who created a suite of knowledge tools that improve customer loyalty and company profitability.

Earning Customer Loyalty

Last month we discussed word of mouth economics, and how it relates to the Promoters, Passives, and Detractors within your customer base. Promoters are your most valuable customers regardless of their size. They are loyal and recommend you to other potential customers. Detractors reduce your profitability through their high service costs and eventual defection. Even

Word Of Mouth Economics

We have been discussing that customer experience is different than satisfaction, and how these experiences directly impact loyalty. Based on their experiences with your company, customers and prospects can be segmented into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Promoters are highly willing to recommend you to another grower. Detractors will not recommend you and look for opportunities

Calculating The Value

Studies across many industries have shown that approximately 80% of customers who defect are actually satisfied. Over the past few months, I have introduced the idea of customer experience being the best predictor of future customer purchases. I believe this is increasingly true for ag retailers. Consider the situation. Although the industry is highly technical,

How Much Is Boneless Chicken Worth?

The recent theme of these columns has been on customer experience management and loyalty. Thinking about these things like I do makes you a watchdog for bad customer experiences that kill loyalty. Life’s lessons pop up anywhere. I recently witnessed a great retailer lesson at my local food grocery store. The woman in front of

Battle For Hearts And Minds

Economies of scale and the increasing size of a grower’s operation are driving retail consolidation. Several of our clients recently merged with other companies, and others are thinking about it. Recently, I was speaking with the general manager of one of these ag retailers about how they approached the whole merger process. In this case,

Solution Selling For Agriculture

Strategically-minded agronomy managers are looking for an improved sales process result ing in better customer experience, loyalty, and profits. Do these challenges ring true for you? •  Achieve meaningful differentiation from other retailers that creates a competitive advantage. •  Achieve more accountability for results from sales. •  Become more process driven vs. “working hard” to

Net Promoter Segmentation

This column will introduce a customer segmentation approach that links loyalty measurement to profitability. Net Promoter segmentation is being used by companies such as General Electric, Sony, and Dell to understand how customer experience impacts loyalty and profitability. It fits perfectly within an ag retail situation. Prior to reviewing Net Promoter segmentation, lets look at

Building The Buying Vision

A recent review of U.S. companies showed approximately 70% frequently miss their sales targets. Most of these companies have good products, their sales forces work hard, and they want to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, working hard is not a business plan, and hope is not a strategy.  Ag retailing is seeing a resurgence driven by higher

Negotiation That Succeeds

A difficult part of the sales cycle is negotiating and closing. How often has a deal seemed closed, only to have the customer try to reopen it with new demands? In this column, we’ll discuss negotiation, which is part of the Close step of Solution Selling for Agriculture.  Start with two guiding principles: If You