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Saving Through Scouting

Dr. Arthur Lange, Trimble Navigation Agri­culture division; Scott Shearer, University of Kentucky; and WITH the recent ethanol boom, many growers are switching their fields to corn-on-corn. Purdue University Extension Corn Specialist R.L. (Bob) Nielson has seen additional weed and insect pressure from not rotating crops, requiring extra dilligence and renewing the importance of field scouting.

Big Country, Big Conservation

Editor’s note: Special thanks to DuPont Crop Protection for its continued support of the Environmental Respect Awards program, now in its 18th year. Dupont’s support — both financial and in the spirit of stewardship that buoys and sustains these awards — provides not just recognition of ag businesses worldwide that demonstrate leadership in environmental and

Environmental Respect Awards: 2008 State Winners

Editor’s Note: The Environmental Respect Awards are in their 18th year, honoring and celebrating agricultural environmentalism throughout the industry. Over the years, hundreds of retailers have been recognized for their efforts and CropLife magazine has been showcasing some of these facilities since 2001. This month, we profile retailers that have won 2008 state awards for

Lightbars Become Brilliant

Basic lightbars have been around for a long time now, but manufacturers are still finding ways to make them better. “The improvements seen in lightbar products are generally in features and application,” says Tom Causey, Topcon Ag and OEM advertising manager. “The PCS-100 brings core features with the benefit of simple operation, rugged design, and

Spreading The Wealth

Summer shows bring new equipment; before you test drive the big rigs at the Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) and other summer events, CropLife® previews what manufacturers have to offer this year. Lime/fertilizer spreader, Adams Fertilizer Equipment Using a 16-inch 304 stainless steel mesh conveyor chain and adjustable material distribution chute, Adams’ four-wheel lime/fertilizer spreader

Wish List: Bigger, Faster

  With almost all cereal production going up in 2007 and no change in the short-term outlook, it appears that fertilizer demand and consumption will once again be strong in 2008. The marked 5% increase in 2006/07 world fertilizer consumption is expected to continue throughout most of the world, including East Asia and North America,

Biotech Builds On Breakthroughs

In the past years, genetically modified (GM) seeds have burst from initial development stages to inundate the market. In 2007, GM varieties and traits were a flood of offerings for use against insects and insecticides, weeds and herbicides, and drought and disease in a variety of crops. Cool Corn Every year, growers fight against the