Verdesian Announces New <b>Soybean</b> Seed Inoculant For 2015 <b>...</b>
Nov 11, 2014 ... Verdesian Life Sciences has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of seed
enhancement products — Preside CL, a new soybean seed ...
Researchers Target <b>Soybean</b> Disease With Genetic Resistance Study
Aug 6, 2014 ... When conditions are just right, sudden death syndrome (SDS) of soybean can
cause significant damage and yield loss in crops. University of ...
9 Recommendations For <b>Soybean</b> Seed-Applied Inoculation | CropLife
Dec 2, 2014 ... Researchers at Michigan State University offer several best practices when
inoculating soybean seed.
MSU Expert: <b>Soybean</b> Seed Applied Inoculant Best Practices <b>...</b>
Dec 16, 2013 ... Field studies showed 45% and 23% soybean yield increases where inoculant
was used and fields had not seen a previous soybean crop. Adds <b>Soybean</b> Aphid Monitoring | CropLife
May 2, 2014 ... This year users will be able to monitor soybean aphids, a
pest that can significantly damage a crop and reduce yield if not ...
BASF, John Deere Form <b>Soybean</b> Disease-Fighting Incentive Program
Jan 31, 2013 ... New offer pairs BASF's Priaxor fungicide with spray nozzles from John Deere to
increase efficiencies and soybean yield.
Experts: Watch For <b>Soybean</b> Cyst Nematode This Spring | CropLife
Apr 9, 2014 ... Syngenta experts predict soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) will threaten yields with
an overwintering survival rate of nearly 100% after the record ...
Nov 21, 2014 ... Soybean growers can avoid resistance and keep yields healthy by rotating
between trait-based sources of resistance.
<b>Soybean</b> Injury From Soil-Applied Herbicides | CropLife
May 22, 2014 ... Recent survey data indicate the percentage of Illinois soybean acres treated with
soil-residual herbicides has increased during the past few ...
USDA Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement On Herbicide <b>...</b>
6 days ago ... APHIS selected this alternative based on its determination that the GE cotton and
soybeans are unlikely to pose a plant pest risk to agricultural ...