More Corn <b>Rootworm</b> Resistance To Bt Corn Reported In Illinois <b>...</b>
Apr 9, 2014 ... A total of five Illinois counties have now reported confirmed cases of field-evolved
resistance to Bt corn by Western corn rootworm.
Genuity Launches iPad App For Corn <b>Rootworm</b> Risk Assessment <b>...</b>
May 15, 2014 ... The Genuity Rootworm Manager app allows farmers to do a field-by-field
assessment that considers several important factors to determine the ...
Monsanto Corn <b>Rootworm</b> Knowledge Research Program <b>...</b>
Mar 28, 2014 ... Monsanto Co. has announced that six new recipients will be awarded research
grants as part of the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research ...
Apr 1, 2012 ... More and more growers are looking at new and different solutions to control corn
rootworms and other secondary pests. This subject was the ...
Monsanto, MSU Extend Support Of Corn <b>Rootworm</b> Program <b>...</b>
Sep 6, 2013 ... Monsanto and Michigan State University are continuing their support of the Corn
Rootworm Knowledge Research Program.
Severe <b>Rootworm</b> Injury To Bt Hybrids In First-Year Corn Confirmed <b>...</b>
Aug 29, 2013 ... Significant Western corn rootworm larval injury in first-year cornfields has been
confirmed in two Illinois counties.
Apr 17, 2012 ... For the 2012 season, farmers who face high corn rootworm pressure have an
expanded choice of Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete blended ...
Monitor Corn <b>Rootworm</b> Hatch With Insect Forecast Tool | CropLife
May 3, 2012 ... Corn Rootworm Larvae Over the past two seasons, growers across the Corn Belt
have participated in an online, early warning system tool to ...
Jun 27, 2013 ... If you grow corn in the Midwest, you have probably spent some time thinking
about your corn rootworm management strategy and asked ...
Feb 6, 2008 ... In fact, entomologists are encouraging more growers and their retailers to dig
corn roots this coming summer to look for signs of corn rootworm ...