May 6, 2013 ... In a new report, the United Kingdom-based PG Economics shows over a 16-year
period, the adoption of GMO cropping systems has had ...
<b>GMO</b> Safety: The Proof Is In The Numbers (Infographic) | CropLife
Apr 3, 2014 ... This infographic effectively shows how genetically modified foods have a
thoroughly tested, proven safety record.
USDA reports that one year after discovery of Monsanto's unapproved wheat in a
single Oregon field disrupted U.S. wheat export sales, the GMO wheat has ...
Unapproved <b>Genetically Modified</b> Wheat Found In Montana | CropLife
Oct 3, 2014 ... Monsanto Co's experimental genetically engineered wheat, never approved for
sale, has been found growing in a second U.S. state, and ...
Syngenta: Price Politics, Not <b>GMOs</b> Reason Chinese Rejected Viptera
Mar 27, 2014 ... Syngenta AG said on Tuesday that grain prices have played a role in China's
rejection of U.S. corn shipments containing an unauthorized, ...
Feb 21, 2013 ... Every time we eat beef or chicken or turkey that has been fed GMO ... GMOs..
terminator seeds.. god knows what more they are going to do.
Valent To Discontinue Gangster Herbicide | CropLife
Sep 22, 2014 ... Valent will discontinue Gangster Herbicide after the 2015 growing season as
growers can now deploy Fierce XLT herbicide in soybeans.
May 10, 2010 ... ... and pig mortality, and remediation when Mn was supplemented in the ration –
although still better if higher Mn (non-GMO) through the feed.”.
May 13, 2008 ... J.R. Simplot has acquired a majority interest in the California fertilizer company.
Britz is a California retailer and wholesaler of plant nutrients, ...
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