More Corn Rootworm Resistance To <b>Bt Corn</b> Reported In Illinois <b>...</b>
Apr 9, 2014 ... Other consequences of the evolution of practical resistance by the western corn
rootworm has been the increased use of pyramided Bt hybrids, ...
Severe Rootworm Injury To <b>Bt Hybrids</b> In First-Year <b>Corn</b> Confirmed <b>...</b>
Aug 29, 2013 ... “The fact that rotated corn is now showing susceptibility to rootworm damage,
even when planted to certain Bt hybrids, is evidence that crop ...
Jun 13, 2012 ... Roots were removed randomly from this field and from a nearby field that also
had been planted to a Bt hybrid expressing the Cry3Bb1 protein.
Apr 9, 2012 ... Ninety-five percent of the producers who participated in the regional 2012 Corn
and Soybean Classic meetings last January said they planted a ...
Monsanto <b>Corn</b> Rootworm Knowledge Research Program <b>...</b>
Mar 28, 2014 ... “The Corn Rootworm Knowledge grant has enabled field and ... “Bt corn for
management of western corn rootworm is a valuable tool for farmers in the Corn
Belt. .... Mycogen Seeds Introduces 19 New Corn Hybrids For 2015.
Mycogen Seeds Introduces 19 New <b>Corn Hybrids</b> For 2015 | CropLife
Aug 12, 2014 ... “We pressure test our corn hybrids in more than 1 million research plots across
300 U.S. testing environments to better understand the ...
Drought Shifts Pest Mix | CropLife
Apr 1, 2013 ... First would be for a grower to diversity his rotation with soybeans — get out of
corn on corn. Second is to use a non-Bt hybrid along with a soil ...
Insects, Disease Take Varied Toll | CropLife
Apr 1, 2012 ... “Resistance to Bt corn is as real as glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth and ...
And there we some very susceptible hybrids planted in 2011.”.
Nov 13, 2012 ... Syngenta has introduced a diverse line-up of 70 new corn hybrids for the 2013
planting season. Building on an already robust portfolio of ...
Feb 13, 2008 ... Volunteer corn is much more than a nuisance weed in soybean fields. It could
also be a potential threat to the effectiveness of Bt corn hybrids.