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CropLife April 2014 cover

With every season different from the previous one, staying up-to-speed on the latest in field scouting is crucial to impressing the most skeptical grower-customers.

By investing in training and recruitment, MFA is banking on well-trained and well-rounded employees to sustain it for the next 100 years.

Improved fertility for high-yield corn requires a better understanding of nutrient demands at critical growth stages and enhanced efficiency of applied nutrients.

As the demand for ag to diminish its water use while maintaining high yields and crop quality increases, three companies are leading the movement to grow more with less water.

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  1. Donald Stovall

    I got the new Crop Life , February 2014. You have an article in this issue gushing over Obama’s executive order, improving Chemical Facility Safety. Are you nuts? You don’t want a President doing any executive orders for farming or any farming related fields. You definitely don’t want this president doing any. You give him an inch, he will take a mile or more. I read today he is issuing a new executive order to change the fuel economy on trucks. That’s just what the farmers need. Going to have to pay more for their tractors, no more for their trucks. I think you owe all the farmers an apology.